The Laird Who Loved Me by Karen Hawkins

MacLean Curse Series, Book 5



ISBN: 9781416560265

Reviewed by Niki Lee




In this fifth installment of Karen Hawkins’s series involving the MacLeans, we meet again Alexander MacLean, laird of his clan, and Caitlyn Hurst, the young miss who started all the trouble in the fourth book, Sleepless in Scotland.  Alexander is intent on getting his revenge on Caitlyn for causing his family embarrassment.  He gets Caitlyn invited to a house party, specifically for the purpose of ruining her.  He figures it won’t take much to push her impulsive nature into doing something he won’t regret.

Caitlyn has promised her mother she will control her temper and be as proper as can be at the house party.  But then she discovers Alexander MacLean is there, too, and all promises become a lot harder to keep.  As they goad one another into increasingly daring situations, the flames that were ignited before leap to the fore again.  In an attempt at resolving their situation, they agree to complete three tasks based on a myth.  But who will be the real winner?

I enjoyed this story of revenge and love, though not as much as the previous installment.  Alexander is almost hyper-male, though incredibly sexy.  His lust for revenge is a bit wearying, but Caitlyn is a joy to read as she reacts to his taunts.  The heat between them nearly scorches the pages.  The Laird Who Loved Me is definitely a fine addition to the series.


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