The Feline Fugitive by Esmerelda Bishop

Lyrical Press


Reviewed by Lisa




For the past few months Luca Doyle, a shape shifter, has been hiding out in his feline form with a human, Claudette Richards.  Luca is wanted on a murder charge, framed by another for killing a convenience store clerk.

Claudette is unaware that the black cat she calls Fluffy is something more than a cute stray.  When a stranger attacks Claudette in her home, Luca is forced to change forms to save her.  Claudette doesnt know what is more shocking to learn that Fluffy is really a man or to learn that she is his life-mate.  Explanations will have to wait however when a killer is on the loose.

The Feline Fugitive offers a sensual and suspenseful tale of romance.  There are tender moments followed by several hot encounters between Luca and Claudette once the story unfolds.  All in all, The Feline Fugitive is a straightforward love story that just happens to have a shifter hero who will do anything for his mate.  Endearing and sexy wrapped up in a mystery, The Feline Fugitive gives readers an enjoyable tale.


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