The Demon of Pelican Bluff by Jennifer Colgan

Amber Heat


ISBN: 978-1-59279-674-8

Reviewed by Chris




After reports of a strange winged creature attacking campers reaches Pelican Bluff’s mayor, Dr. Laurel Jensen is called in to investigate. Dr. Jensen’s a cryptozoologist, a pseudo-specialist who looks into reports of cryptids: mythical or unclassified animals such as Bigfoots, giant squids, and Mothmen. This case is of special interest to her. Three months ago, she believes she had an encounter with a similar creature on her campus in St. Paul. Now she can’t get visions of it out of her head. Whispers of what it wants to do to her body are driving her to distraction and if she doesn’t find a way to sate the sexual ache it causes, she’s afraid she’ll lose her mind.

Superior National Forest is home stomping ground for park ranger, Cade Morrison. Cade’s a confirmed disbeliever. He thinks Pelican Bluff’s mayor is merely seeking tourist fodder and the last thing he wants to do is waste his time with some moldy, old, and likely crazy scientist. If you don’t count her irrational fear of heights, even little ones, Dr. Jensen turns out to be none of the above. And unfortunately for him, she has a hot little body to match the clever mind.

I can’t say too much more about The Demon of Pelican Bluff without spoiling the plot. The creature, demon, demigod, whatever, does exist and it is seeking Laurel for its mate. Cade takes issue with that as he’s called dibs on her. Laurel gets to have sex with both. Hurrah.

The cover does absolutely nothing to promote this very well-written novella. Laurel’s given a chance to choose between being a sex slave to an alien creature or going back to the boring real world with Cade, the beige-wearing, masturbating park ranger. I would have thrown my lot in with the demon. You’ll have to read the book to find out what Laurel decides to do. Regardless of what you’d have done in such a situation, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy the characters. Cade is all man, and a typical one at that. Laurel’s got some issues and does have a brief lapse of stupidity, but given that she’s been haunted by alien sex dreams for three months straight, I can forgive her for letting her vagina do the thinking.

In any case, this is a hot little tale with a happy ending – what more could a girl want?


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