The Catcher and The Lie by Rita Oberlies

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 1-60504-235-8

Reviewed by Jo




Abby McCabe is more than just a baseball fan.  She is the sister-in-law to the captain of their pro-team and can see problems in plays without even trying.  When Abby points out something, even the coaches tend to listen.  The only wrinkle bugging Abby this season is the newest player who was traded in.  Nick seems to set her off without even trying.

Nick Valente is the new catcher and he was all for the trade as several areas in his life had become all but unbearable.  Nick has more baggage then most airlines right now, and he really doesnít plan on adding anymore.  Especially when at the end of the season he will have to deal with even more loose ends.  However, there is just something about Abby that pulls at him.  She isnít really his type, and she knows more about baseball than most of the players..  So why does the thought of someone else being with her seem unbearable to Nick?

Even with warnings on both sides, Abby and Nick seem to circle each other until suddenly theyíre a couple.  The normal ups and downs of a professional baseball season add to the normal problems a new couple deals with.  When you add in the things that Nick hasnít cleared up from his past, itís a wonder what Abby sees in their relationship.  Miscommunications and press reporting without full facts just might be the breaking straw when Abby needs Nick the most.

When lies surround one party, can a true romance stand the test of time and space?  The Catcher and The Lie brings Abby, a true baseball fan, and Nick, a professional catcher, together.  Abby canít stand the too-smooth Nick and doesnít really try to fake it.  Nick canít understand why Abby bugs him so much and canít seem to stop needling her either.  Nick and Abbyís relationship was not smooth or easy from the beginning but I think all the problems actually brought them closer together in the end than they might have been without them.  I did enjoy watching the two of them snap at each other knowing the line between love and dislike is very, very small.  In The Catcher and The Lie Ms. Oberlies shows well the ups and downs of love when one party is a media sweetheart.


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