The Bear by P.A. Brown

Amber Allure

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-580-5

Reviewed by Lisa




Scotty Thompson and his boss Luke Stadler patrol parkland in the Rocky Mountains, protecting the land and the animal population.  Stumbling across a poacherís kill and a huge live bear would be an exciting day for anyone, but when he gets home, Scotty could swear to seeing a bear coming and going from his own barn.

When Scotty asks Luke to help investigate Mother Nature complicates matters by bringing a blizzard which traps them with their discovery in the barn.  Adding to the situation, Scotty and Luke have quietly lusted after each other for ages.  Everything is spilling out, the secrets, the hidden desires, and the unique circumstances.

The Bear is a fast paced, enticing tale of sensual enjoyment and secrets unearthed.  There really isnít a lot of character development, but there is a nice surprise or two and some raunchy sex as well.  Take a moment to be entertained by The Bear.


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