The Amoveo Legacy by Sara Taney Humphreys

The Amoveo Series, Book 1

Devine Destinies


ISBN:  978-1-55487-293-0

Reviewed by Tanya




Samantha is troubled by a dream on her thirtieth birthday and for nights after, so she decides to follow the dream and heads home to be with her Grandmother, at the beach.  She had been raised by her Grandmother after her parents were killed in a horrible accident. But, as soon as she gets to the beach she realizes that much has changed in the landscape of her childhood home.  Though she does feel like this is where she is supposed to be.  She is troubled that she is seeing things though, such as a huge golden bird of prey in her room, at night, nowhere near its natural habitat.

When Samantha meets Malcolm Drew the mysterious neighbor from the house on the cliff she is instantly drawn to him.  She also recognizes him as the man from her dreams.  Will she be able to deal with the things about her heritage that he is about to reveal to her?  Is she really a shapeshifter and meant to be his mate?

More important, when it becomes apparent that someone is hunting the shapeshifters in an age old vendetta and their next target appears to be Samantha, will she live long enough to make those decisions.

I found The Amoveo Legacy to be an interesting and compelling shapeshifter novel.  I enjoyed the thought of not only latent tendencies which could be brought out, but the thought of birds of prey being shifters.  This showed Ms. Humphreys was willing to take a chance in not only creating a new shapeshifter world but also one that was a little different than many that are out there.  Filled with insight, intrigue and interesting spunky characters this series is shaping up to be a huge winner.  If you are a fan of shapeshifter novels and want to start a new an intriguing series then I recommend you pick up The Amoveo Legacy.  I will be looking for book two as soon as it is released.


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