Texas Surrender by Claire Thompson

Romance Unbound Publishing

Erotic M/M BDSM

ISBN: 1449580696

Reviewed by Nannette




The Circle R Ranch means everything to Avery Dalton. When Charlie, the ranch owner, dies Avery tries running the ranch on his own. However, he soon realizes that he'll need help. JD Reed is Charlie's nephew. He came to Texas to pay respects to his uncle, but once he gets a look at Avery his dream of being a chef in New York gets put on hold for a while.  JD introduces Avery to a lifestyle of submission that Avery never knew he craved, except JD has plans to move on.

Texas Surrender is about more than BDSM fetishes. JD and Avery's story has substance and their passion knows no boundaries.  Avery really blossoms under JD's firm but loving hand. His attempts to deny his desires are genuine, but futile. Watching him try creates many heartfelt moments between them. JD becomes vulnerable too when he starts to wonder how Avery really feels about him. There is a lot of give and take, both emotionally and physically between Avery and JD as they sort through it all. While Avery learns about his sexual desires, JD is experiencing an emotional connection with someone for the first time. It unnerves him. Texas Surrender is a heartfelt, erotic story with some kink.


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