Taming a Raven by Kathleen Lash

Ellora’s Cave

Futuristic, SciFi, Light BDSM

ISBN: 9781419922428

Reviewed by Jo




Brigadier General Gage Ryker has arrived at Clan Raven because all of the Governance’s technology has not given them the answer to where a kidnapped Major is being held.  For many years Ravens were used by the Governance to locate things and people.  Gage needs to obtain one of the younger Raven women to leave with him and go flying – hopefully to discover where the missing person is and how to reach him.  Imagine Gage’s surprise to discover there are almost no young, trained Ravens available.  In fact there is only one, and she is scheduled to begin breeding and already being prepared.

Lady Reina has trained her entire life to fly for the Governance – never to be asked.  Now she has reached an age when she must do her duty for her clan and breed a new generation of Ravens.  Reina is more than a little out of it when she is interrupted by one of the mothers and Gage, and told that finally the Governance has asked for their help and she is the only one available.  Being excited about her new adventure, Reina eagerly seeks answers to all her questions.

Gage and Reina’s first meeting is unusual to say the least.  Once they are back on his ship, Gage discovers large sections on how Ravens work and what he needs to do to help her was left out of his training.  Mistakes and misunderstandings abound as both Gage and Reina learn about each other, some serious and some humorous.   All these adventures are leading to the complete claiming that happens between them.  When danger threatens the ship and all of her new friends, Reina becomes an enraged Raven and does what comes naturally.  She is more concerned with saving her shipmates than herself,  however Gage has his own thoughts on that, and after all, he is the Brigadier General.

A Governance officer and a lady Raven should only come together while working, or should they?  Taming a Raven is the result when two people find each other despite what the government wants.  Reina had accepted that she would never truly fly and needed to begin breeding for her clan.  Gage is a soldier through and through until he came face to face with a certain sexy Raven in need of a taming hand.  The many questions and situations Reina had, would normally have driven a man insane, but Gage seemed to take them all in stride once he understood why.  I was not surprised that it was the sexual energy between them that gave the ultimate connection between Gage and Reina after the way they met.  No, I won’t tell you how, but it was very interesting and erotic.  The love and their individual acts of sacrifice made it clear this was no ordinary love, and it absolutely wasn’t.  Taming a Raven revolves around duty, love, and danger with an eroticism that weaves in and out.


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