Tame Horses Wild Hearts by Alison Paige

Samhain Publishing

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-60504-534-4

Reviewed by Tanya




Kate Mathers has a lot on her plate. She not only has she got a group of teens on her ranch but now she has a secret admirer.  What Kate doesnít know is that some of the worst photos and notes that have been left for her she hasnít seen.  What Kate has is a stalker.  When her estranged father decides to hire a bodyguard for her he knows that the bodyguard will have to go in undercover.  This is how Joe Garity shows up as an unexpected guest during the childrenís time.

As the stalker ramps things up Kate also finds herself spending most of her thoughts on Joe and she thinks the feeling are mutual.  But, will Joe ruin what they have to keep her safe?  Would Kate even believe him, with short-term relationships being her norm?  What could happen is what is on everyoneís minds as her birthday approaches.

Want a modern western story with more than one good guy for the heroine to choose from? Then you will enjoy Tame Horses Wild Hearts by Alison Paige. Joe was hired for all the right reasons and though his secrets make Kate mad she will have to think about what she really wants with Joe, especially if she lives through her upcoming birthday.

I enjoyed Tame Horses Wild Hearts and think there was just enough action and deception to remain believable.  Stalkers remain a real concern for many women, and men, and this made a great basis for Tame Horses Wild Hearts.  I found how Ms. Paige entangled the hearts of her two main characters, as well as the secondary ones, is what made this story for me.  Well, the smoking hot scenes between Kate and Joe didnít hurt either.  I hope to see more from Ms. Paige in the future, there were characters in Tame Horses Wild Hearts I would love to see get their own story.


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