Taking Karre by Michelle M. Pillow

Divinity Warriors, Book 4

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419923456

Reviewed by Tanya




Karre has been known by many names in many different parallel planes.  One thing has always been consistent in her life though, that is the desire to take down Divinity Corp, the company who ruined her life and got away with it.  But, before she is able to do that she runs out of luck and is captured by a ruthless arm of the same corporation and sold to be a bride in a distant parallel plane.  When she arrives she is determined to escape and exact her revenge.  She doesn’t count on Sir Vidar or her attraction to him.

Sir Vidar of Spearhead is rather annoyed that he has been summoned to select a bride.  He feels that guarding the borderlands will not allow him time to devote to a wife and is only attending the ceremony as he was summoned by the king.  But, what he doesn’t count on is Karre with her teasing eyes, irresistible ways and intriguing thoughts he seems to have about her.

Can Karre believe her mind and heart about caring for a hardened warrior?  Can Vidar provide what Karrre needs and be true to his own heart as well?

Taking Karre, Book 4 in the Divinity Warriors series is the intriguing tale of Karre who has not only been kidnapped and sold as a bride, but who has never truly belonged anywhere before.  I thoroughly enjoyed this latest look into the lives of those in this parallel universe. Especially as you are finally able to learn a little more about their evil foe and that Karre has knowledge that will help them all.  Anyone that likes a little fantasy in their erotic reading will thoroughly enjoy Taking Karre.


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