Sweet Reunion by Shawn Lane

Amber Allure

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60272-577-5

Reviewed by Ley




Returning home was very bittersweet for Jason Sweet. Forced to leave his childhood home because of his homophobic and abusive father, Jason returned 15 years later to look after his now widowed and sickly mother.  When he left all those years ago Jason didnít just leave his broken home, he also left his best friend and first love.


Danny Yarrow never expected to see Jason again. Neither did he expect if Jason ever returned home that he would want to rekindle their long ago relationship. Danny was more then willing to oblige, but Jason wasnít the same boy he was when he left. Now a retired police officer injured in the line of duty, Jason carries a lot of emotional baggage. A physical relationship may be all that Jason can offer Danny.  Will it be enough?


Sweet Reunion was pretty good, but I wished there was more development to the charactersí relationship. They picked up where they left off years ago, except I didnít get a sense of a real romantic connection between them.  They were both great guys and I especially felt for Jason, as his life was far from easy.  Even once he returned home things were not good for him. Physically and emotionally he was a mess and he was trying to rebuild a relationship with his ill mother.  Danny was a good distraction for Jason and he did care for Jason, but as I said early there wasnít a strong romantic connection there. Even without that connection I still found Sweet Reunion to be a good story.


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