Sweet Charity by N.J. Walters

Project Alpha, Book 3

Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal / Futuristic

ISBN: 9781419924002

Reviewed by Jo




Charity Caruthers knows all about monsters as her father (the General) is one and she sees the results of his work as she watches a man die for his beliefs.  Charity has a spilt second to make her decision and decides to do something to help this man.  That decision will send her out of the protected inner city and outside the arms of the Gate.  She is going on the hunt for the resistance and its leader – Adrian.

Adrian is an alpha, a man designed to be better and stronger than any human.  He’s had many years to prepare himself and his followers for an attack on the inner city.  In an attempt to bring everyone to an equal standing, Adrian is going to bring down the General, and the corporation who runs the inner city.  Trying to decide on a timeline, Adrian becomes distracted when Charity is brought to him with word of a dead man. 

Adrian is very aware that Charity just might be a trap, but his immediate attraction to her takes his attention off of that aspect and puts it solely on making Charity his.  After an abusive childhood and marriage, the last thing Charity ever expected to do is fall in bed with a strange man – no matter how much he pulled at her.  Charity is more than willing to give Adrian and the resistance the information they need to attack the Gate.  When a stealthy entrance explodes, Adrian has to decide if Charity really was a trap for him, or if she is really willing to destroy the inner city and her own father?

Can you trust when something you always wanted suddenly appears?  In Sweet Charity both Adrian and Charity need to discover the answer.  Charity has finally decided to do something about all the evil shehas experienced while growing up in the inner city.  Adrian has always known he would have to destroy the General and the corporation that runs the inner city if everyone is going to be safe.  I was surprised at how quickly Charity and Adrian came together, but in a way it made sense when you are living in a war zone.  I wanted to see Adrian get his chance at a happy ever after since the very first Project Alpha book, and Ms. Walters did not disappoint.  The way Adrian and Charity fought not only for their chance at happiness but also for everyone who lived outside the Gate had me firmly in their corner from the very beginning.  Watching even while they had misunderstandings and still found the way to each other made me smile.   Sweet Charity combines sex, danger and the best type of happy ever after – just my type of story.

Now that I’ve read all three of the Project Alpha books, I can say they are ones I will be re-reading and will stay in my futuristic library.  You can read them all as stand-alone books, but I think its better if you read them in order.


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