Surge by Mechele Armstrong

Blood Lines, Book 6

Loose Id


ISBN: 978-1-60737-453-4

Reviewed by Jo




Cheyenne Smith knows that her schizophrenia remained when she became a vampire, but she is also positive that it has nothing to do with the erotic dreams that have started back up again.  Cheyenne has had them for many years, never seeing her dream lover’s face.  Now Cheyenne not only knows his face but also his name.  Why does he seem so much more real now?  Her new friends are helping Cheyenne deal with her new powers and her schizophrenia but will they believe her when she tells them about him?

Marroc has been sleeping for many, many years—that is until Cheyenne finally brought him out of his slumbers.  Marroc has known the entire time that to defeat the enemy that forced his sleep, he had to wait until his “One” was found.  Marroc believes that Cheyenne has to be her. Why else would he have dreamed connected with her for so long?  At last, Marroc realizes he is really awake and not just in that in-between realm he has been in for so long.  Now he needs to find his Cheyenne.

Cheyenne agrees to meet with Marroc when he informs her he is nearby.  That meeting proves to both of them that it wasn’t just their dreams that could be erotic.  Marroc knows the fight is just around the corner and he will need to have Cheyenne at his side when it begins.  However, the rest of Cheyenne’s friends don’t agree and it’s beginning to look like Cheyenne might not be the “One” after all.  But she is just as important to the final outcome for a very different reason.   Now that it’s over, Cheyenne is scared to discover what all the newfound knowledge will mean for her budding love for Marroc.

Erotic dreams become reality when two vampires finally meet.  Surge brings Cheyenne and Marroc together in an epic battle that includes other Blood Lines couples.  Cheyenne has been dreaming about the same man since she was a teenager. It even led, in a way, to her becoming a vampire.  Marroc finally agreed to be put into a deep dreaming slumber, believing that he would find the one person necessary for a battle he needed to win.  I was not surprised when the meeting between Cheyenne and Marroc quickly went from hello to wildly erotic—after all they had many years of lead up.  What I loved was when Marroc learned of Cheyenne’s problem and still believed in her.  Had to smile at the way they battled that pesky brain problem.  I really loved when the misunderstandings were cleared away, neither would give up on the other.  Surge is a battle between good and bad with a highly erotic twist.  I loved that a few of the other Blood Lines couples were involved and we touched on still others.  Another great visit into the Blood Lines world for another deserving couple finding their true love.


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