Submissive by Willa Okati

Screen Shots, Book 4

Changeling Press

Contemporary M/M Ė D/s

ISBN: 978-1-60521-266-1

Reviewed by Lisa




One of the new employees at Twentysomething Productions is a mouthy little brat named Skyler OíReilly and he seems to be fixated on getting a rise out of cameraman/ producer Thom.  The gay porn web site,, is doing better and better and Skyler is an asset, but that doesnít mean that Thom has to put up with his attitude.

 For his part, Thom has waited six long years for someone to come into his life who will be his match, a yin to his yang.  Thom has certain needs and he sees something in Skyler that says he just might be up to the challenge.  Itís all or nothing between the confident cameraman and the cocky little twink.  Let the games begin.

For readers who have been following the Screen Shots series, Submissive is wickedly hot entertainment.  If you havenít read any of the books, go ahead and start with Submissive.  Iíll bet you look for the rest afterwards.  Skyler is a feisty flirt looking for someone to put him in his place and Thom is just the Dom to do it right.  Fast and fun, Submissive is an inventive guilty pleasure - so indulge!


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