Stone and Sky by Cindy Spencer Pape

Heroes of Stone, Book 4

Ellora's Cave


ISBN: 9781419923777

Reviewed by Jo




Marc Armel is well liked and very important to his race but right now, he is beginning to feel like his friends are leaving him behind.  They are gargoyles and out of the four best friends, three of them have found a lost artifact important to the gargoyles, and a mate.  Marc knows very well that there is still one artifact missing, the most important one.  He has been hoping for the last year to be the one to find and return it to the race.  Now he has decided to escape for a while and rethink things a bit.  Marc begins to wonder if he has any place in the foreseen future, especially when their seer just tells him to have a good time.

Aldara Cromlech is fulfilling her adopted father’s last wish—returning an item that his family took,from the gargoyles long ago.  Aldara has decided to begin her new life at the same time and is working her way across the ocean as a singer on a cruise ship.  Until she takes a breather, and the next thing she knows, she is waking up in a strange room with a handsome stranger caring for her.  What happened and more importantly, why can’t she remember anything?

Marc is drawn to the beautiful woman he found washed up on his shore.  Aldara knows there is something very important she is supposed to do—she just has to remember.  Even more important, she needs to remember if she has a boyfriend or husband because Marc is everything she wants.  Marc and Aldara discover the answers slowly along with a love that looks like it might be the real thing.  When Aldara remembers, they discover just how dangerous her mission is.  Getting the artifact back home safely will have Marc and Aldara risking not only their lives but also the lives of others.  Love can conquer all, but can it keep them safe?

When a gargoyle meets a beautiful harpy, can magic and love happen?  Stone and Sky helps the gargoyles recover their last missing artifact.  Marc knows his importance to his race, but he still feels like he should be doing something to help bring home the last missing artifact.  Aldara is an unusual harpy, in that she is beautiful and was thrust away to die at a young age.  Sparks were flying from the moment Aldara opened up her eyes and saw Marc. Unfortunately, that is about the only thing she knows.  I loved that Marc and Aldara tried to fight those feelings until Aldara’s memory returned so that no one would be hurt.  I was even more impressed when after Aldara constructed a wall that shouldn’t be, Marc started making his plans as he was not going to let her go away without a major fight.  Knowing it was the love between them that gave the strength to fight and win against the threat to everyone made the ending very special.  The Queen, King and their Seer took steps in the end that told me the gargoyles are going to have a wonderful future and longevity.  Stone and Sky takes love and raises it sky high along with danger that could bring it crashing down.  Now that the series is over, or so it seems, I can say that Heroes of Stone is a must read series for not only the romances, but also the adventures all the couples go through together and the bonding friendships.


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