Slow Play by Carol Lynne

Poker Night Series, Book 2


M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-907010-42-2

Reviewed by Ley




Bobby Quinn had one major love in his life and it was stolen away from him.  Bobby put a lot of love, sweat and tears in restoring the 1970 Grand Banks trawler, only to have it bought out from under him by his brother when he was unable to keep up on the payments.  To avoid losing his boat altogether he agreed to captain the boat for charter cruises. Even though working for his brother was the last thing he wanted to do, it allowed him to live on his boat and make sure she was well taken care of.  Aside from his bi-weekly poker game with friends, who were more a family than his blood relatives, his boat was the only joy in his life. Bobby didnít think he was in a position to allow anyone romantically into his world, but then he met Dr. Jules Peters.

Julesí life was similar to Bobbyís in that he had a love for restoring old things, except his love fell to cars instead of boats.  Jules also wasnít ready to open his life up to anyone else, not when he was still mourning the loss of his partner. However, when he is given a cruise around the San Francisco Bay as a gift, the boat captain Bobby Quinn reawakens feelings in Jules heís been suppressing for years.

Jules and Bobby find the path to love isnít easy, especially when their personal insecurities take over.

Slow Play was a nice follow up to the previous book in this series.  The characters were already introduced to us in Texas Hold ĎEm, even though we didnít have a lot of background information.  Bobby and Jules were not the overly romantic type and even though I wasnít swept away by their romance, I did like their characters and found they were good together. I really enjoy the brotherhood of the friends in this series; they are definitely there for one another no matter what. I recommend reading this series in order and I do believe followers of this series will find Slow Play to be a satisfying second entry.


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