Slave to the Blood by ID Locke

Torquere Press

Futuristic Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-827-2

Reviewed by Lisa




Liron and Sinn-Rahl, the former crown prince of Felrou, work for Mayhem, Inc.  A new job has become available, but Sinn doesnít think that Liron should take it.  The client, Jareth, requires a bodyguard, plus fresh blood daily - preferably while having sex.  Sinn forgets that he and Liron arenít originally from the same place and that Lironís people donít frown on male on male sex. Liron is looking forward to new adventures, in space and in bed.

Slave to the Blood is a fast paced, sexually charged romp.  The in depth, descriptive characterizations of Liron and Jareth are a fresh twist to the usual quick introduction and jump in the sack storyline.  It was fun to learn more about these characters, their lives and still enjoy a wickedly steamy sexual encounter between them.  Slave to the Blood offers a steady, enjoyable buildup with a sizzling hot ending.


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