Skin Deep by S. W. Vaughn

Loose Id

Urban Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60737-505-0

Reviewed by Lisa




Will Ambrose is a successful radio call-in host for The Truth Will Out based in NYC.    Aimed primarily at the gay market, Will listens to other peopleís problems and offers his opinion or commentary.  Too bad he doesnít take his own advice because once again Will is paying the price for picking the wrong kind of boyfriend.  These days it takes little for his cop lover, Lyle Thomas, to find fault with him.  The beatings are escalating to the point where he could die if things donít change.

Banishment has forced Ciaran of the glen, a lowly fae, to make a new life for himself as Cobalt, master tattoo artist and owner of the Grotto tattoo parlor.  Business is thriving and Cobalt has even managed to turn the Grotto into a haven for other banished or displaced fae from either court.  The only rules are no fighting and nobody is to allow his ex-lover Eoghann into the Grotto.

One of Cobaltís true pleasures these days is listening to Willís radio show.  He feels a connection to the human even though theyíve never met.  Fate, however, intervenes one night and the two come face to face under less than ideal circumstances, but that doesnít stop the spark from flaring bright between them.  Very soon life and death situations present themselves, one after the other for the pair, with no one to turn to except each other.  Itís time for them to choose a bright future together or give in to despair and misery.  It will only take a little courage and a whole lot of love.

Wholly original, Skin Deep is a fascinating mixture of eroticism and intense suspense.  It is incredibly compelling, chilling and brutal one minute, achingly tender the next.  Will is the classic abuse victim who finally wakes up and makes the right choices, mainly because of the strength and spirit of Cobalt.  Their instant connection is a little choppy to accept at first, but it smoothes out beautifully and proves that they are meant to be.  Skin Deep has some wild twists and turns, as well as eye opening surprises throughout the story.  Edgy and complex, Skin Deep is one romance not to be missed!


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