Shifters’ Captive by Bonnie Dee

Magical Ménages, Book 1

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-873-4

Reviewed by Jo




Waitress Sherrie Stolz is on her way home after shift when an obviously crazy man kidnaps her – this is based on his conversation.   Were-animals, psychics and people just fading away; Sherrie is pretty good at talking with her customers and hopes that skill will get her out of this mess.  John Walker is a werewolf who was sent by his pack to get Sherrie.  Something is putting the people of his pack into killing comas and the pack seer believes Sherrie is the key – now he just has to convince her that he isn’t crazy and to believe in the unbelievable.  Grant Perron also wants Sherrie and for the same reason.  Grant is a werepanther who decided to follow his instincts when a good friend was captured into the same type of coma.  He really didn’t expect to find her in the company of a possessive wolf but Grant can work with that.  After all both Sherrie and John are attracting more than just f his attention.

Hearing the same thing from two different sources convinces Sherrie that maybe she can help, but she has no idea just who is behind the comas or how she can stop them.  Keeping her mind on the problem would be easier if she wasn’t so attracted to both of the men with her.  The wolves and panthers have an uneasy alliance. However, one of the guys wants more than just Sherrie’s help.  Having her arms, mind and bed extremely full with two sexy men just might lead Sherrie to the answers they are all looking for, but will the outcome lead to more heartbreak for all of them?

What’s a girl to do when she is told by not one, but two weres, that she is the only one to save their people?  Shifters’ Captive introduces Sherrie into the world of the paranormal.  Sherrie just wants to get home after her shift and relax when she is suddenly thrust into the world of weres, psychics and things that go bump into the night.  John and Grant are weres but one is a protective wolf and one is a go-lucky panther, both want and need Sherrie for the safety of their friends and family, but only one wants her forever.

I’m not sure I could have been as accepting as Sherrie if I was confronted with the same circumstances.  Watching first Sherrie and John try to figure out what was going on and how she would fit in, but when Grant was added to the mix, it had me grinning and wondering.  The way the threesome found to break the hold of a madman was extremely sexy and erotic, while at the same time making me wonder if it would really work. The interactions and differences between the wolves and panthers brought yet another edge to the finale.  I thought that Sherrie ended up exactly where she needed to be.  I was intrigued enough to know I will be watching for the next book in this series.  Shifters’ Captive is a fun and erotic story with just the right edge of suspense to keep you turning the pages.


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