Shadow of the Wolf by Dana Marie Bell

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 978-1-59578-641-8

Reviewed by Jo




Christopher Beckett is a very unusual wizard because his family has been cursed to also be were-wolves.  Chris is finally tired of being alone and has used the family ritual to send out the call for his mate to bring her to him.  Now he just has to wait and hope it wonít be too long before she comes.  Chris never expects his past will come out to hurt both of them.

Alannah Evans is having a horrible night after a fun party.  First her car stops and wonít start, then she is attacked by some guy who wants to kill her, and then sheís saved by a wolf who insists she follow him home.  Alannah is a witch from a strong coven and knows when to follow her instincts but this is just insane Ė isnít it?  Especially when the wolf suddenly becomes a man.

Christopher knows exactly who the man was who wanted to kill his mate, a very old enemy who just canít let bygones be bygones.  However, this attack on Alannah has raised the stakes and Christopher isnít going to let anything happen to her.  Alannah knows that wizards and witches arenít supposed to mix, but Christopher is quickly finding is way into her heart.  Soon, itís not only Christopher who is using magic to stop anyone from harming family and friends.  Things come to a head in a final and deadly battle.  In the final analysis will the magic of wizards and witches be enough to defeat a madman?

Take one lonely wizard who happens to be a wolf, add one zany and determined witch and stir with lots of love, humor and danger Ė the outcome is a fierce love tied with magic.  Shadow of the Wolf brings a lonely wizard and a fun loving witch together in a match that must survive a deadly challenge.  Christopher asks the fates for his true mate only to be surprised at who arrives.  Alannah doesnít understand how she is supposed to be a mate to a wolf Ė even a sexy one. Besides everyone knows wizards and witches donít go together.

I loved the humorous interactions between Christopher and Alannah that steamed with passion.  Their passion squared exactly with the danger that surrounded them from the moment they met.  I freely admit to worrying about the ending only to find there was absolutely no reason to.  Shadow of the Wolf has a perfect combination of humor, passion and magic with just enough danger to keep you on the edge of your seat.  A must-have for your paranormal library.  I canít wait for the next Beckett book so I can see what happens with the brothers.


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