Shadowlight by Lynn Viehl

Kyndred, book 1

Onyx Publishing


ISBN: 978-0451412782

Reviewed by Jo




Jessa Bellamy has many secrets and at least one of them helps her keep her company in the forefront of background checkers for corporations.  Jessa has lead a very solitary life for a long time and itís actually for the same reason she is so good at her job.  On the cusp of landing a really spectacular client for her company, all heck breaks loose and Jessa is kidnapped.  Now she has to keep her secrets from him while protecting others like her who have banded together.

Gavin Matthias is very, very old and he knows all about keeping his secrets known only to a few select people.  He also knows that there are many others like him around with usual abilities and that there is also a company and a madman leading it that will stop at nothing to gain all of those secrets and sell them to the highest bidder.  With the help of a few trusted people, Gavin protects others like himself.

Gavin knew about Jessa way before she ever saw him.  His hand was pushed when it was discovered that Jessa was the next on a certain hit list.  The best solution is to kidnap her himself and hope to convince her that he really was one of the good guys.  Jessa doesnít know what to believe when faced with amazing stories that she is told is the truth.  Gavin and Jessa have sparks flying between them and only part of it is tension.  Danger is coming for them, which causes Jessa to believe beyond a doubt that Gavin and his people are the good guys.  The question is have they wasted too much time and put everyone in danger?

Life and death decisions mean even more when love is in the balance.  Shadowlight is the first book in a spinoff series from the beloved Darkyn series.  In this case the Kyndred are focused on as they begin to fight for their right to live in peace.  Jessa had to make major changes in her life once and she doesnít really want to do it again.  Gavin knows all about being betrayed and he fights to make sure none of his people are betrayed again.  I loved Jessa attitude the same as I did Gavinís calmness.  It was not surprising that the sparks quickly became flames of passion.  I really enjoyed seeing just how the Kyndred had come together and were using their gifts to help one another defeat those who would harm them.  I also loved that several of the Darkyn appeared to make the circle complete.  I will be watching for the next Kyndred story, as I love rooting for the underdog.  Shadowlight is a wonderful story of passion, danger and a must read for anyone who loved the Darkyn.  You will fall just hard for the Kyndred Ė I know I did.


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