Shades of Midnight by Lara Adrian

Midnight Breeds, Book 7



ISBN: 978-0440245261

Reviewed by Jo




Kade is originally from a Darkhaven in Alaska but he recently moved to Boston to join the Order and help with their fight.  While joining the Order was his main reason for leaving his home, Kade was also leaving for a very personal reason.  Circumstances are now sending him back to Alaska and Kade knows this is the time to take care of the issues that he left behind also.

Alex Maguire is a bush pilot who discovers a massacre while delivering to one of her clients.  Stunned, Alex still has enough together to call for help.  Alex has to wait until the help arrives and during that time, she is forced by the reality of what her eyes are telling her to remember something from her past.  Alex might have to remember, but she isnít going to bring it up to anyone until a stranger arrives who seems to know something about these killings and the past.

Kade has a full plate and needs to keep focused on discovering what attacked that family and taking care of his personal business.  However Alex and their mutual attraction quickly distracts him.  For a small town in Alaska there is a whole lot going on just below the surface.  Alex wants to believe in Kade even when things point towards him being the problem.  The very real danger is coming closer to Alex and Kade.  Can they find the belief in each other to not only overcome their enemy but to realize the love that has sprung up against all odds?

In the land of the midnight sun, a warrior and a pilot discover a passion that rivals that sunís brilliance.  Shades of Midnight matches two people who have serious personal demons.  Alex and her father moved to Alaska because it was a far away as you could get and still be in the United States.  Kade left Alaska for two very different reasons, now both those reasons have him returning.  I loved watching Alex and Kade find their way to each other and while it wasnít an easy path, it was very easy to see that it was the right path for them.  I especially liked how neither of them turned away from the danger and did not let it stop them from discovering just what they had between them.  I had to laugh at the end when a single member of the Order pointed it out just how fast they were falling.  That just means more Midnight Breed books that Iím fully in favor of.  Kade and Alex definitely show how to keep warm on a cold winterís night.  Shades of Midnight is a wonderful romance between two strong characters with a satisfying touch of danger to keep you wondering until the end.


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