Sexology by Willa Okati

Screen Shots, Book 5

Changeling Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60521-267-8

Reviewed by Lisa




While the rest of the guys at earn a living there, Jake shows up to work on his college dissertation on the modern sex industry.  Jake takes notes and makes observations on his PC, but he isn’t part of what happens on camera between the guys.  The thing is, Jake has made friends with everyone there and secretly lusts after them and daydreams about them as well.  What he wouldn’t give to be in a ‘scene’ with any of them.

A violent, sudden thunderstorm traps the guys at work and in the basement for safety.  What are they to do to pass the time?  Horny and bored in a candle lit basement.  This is Jake’s chance to be included.  Now he just has to find the courage to take that first step, hope his friends are receptive, and pray that they don’t consider him an outsider anymore.

Beyond belief inventive, sexual escapades are the order of the day here in Screen Shots fifth tale, aptly titled Sexology.  Everyone shares center stage this time with outsider Jake in this lusty, sweaty story.  Sexology very neatly brings the male characters together for one giant, erotic night, guaranteed to make your eyes pop!   From the boy next door to the kinky ménage, all are featured here and it’s very entertaining.  Sexology is orgasmic fun.


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