Seering Order by Viola Grace

Sector Guard, Book 4

Devine Destinies


ISBN: 978-1-55487-390-6

Reviewed by Tanya




Reva has an interesting talent that has been an asset to her during her lifetime of servitude.  She has a commanding voice that people canít seem to resist.  She is currently serving as a nanny on an arachnid planet and the voice serves her well, as at any given time she might have fifty charges.  She is stunned when she is summoned to her master to find out she has been sold to an Enjel.  Not sure what is to become of her she is shocked when Seer tells her she is free and now has choices.

As part of her choices she has been recruited to be in the Sector Guard and Seer makes it clear that he wants to be more than her partner but will not force her.  These new choices need to be her decision.  She is worried how her lack of education, social skills and newfound freedom will be a challenge, as will romantic encounters with her Enjel.

Seering Order takes the Sector Guard into an interesting arena of the Terren world.  The thought of being bred for slavery without even knowing your parents etc. is a frightening one.  While I canít wait for the next installment, I was pleased with Seering Order overall as I feel that both Reva and Enjel were able to grow and connect as characters.  As usual, I recommend Ms. Graceís Sector Guard stories with Seering Order being the latest.


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