Saving Noah by Carol Lynne and Cash Cole

Resplendence Publishing

M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley




Noah Stoffel always kept his personal life to himself, even though he didnít have much of one living in a small town and being a closeted gay man.  When city boy Dexter Krispin arrives to town Noah finds himself wanting things that he feels he does not deserve.

For Dexter, moving to a small Kansas town after living in Pittsburgh was a bit of a shock to the system, but the change of pace was needed to complete his doctorial thesis. Things began to change for the better when he finds himself attracted to Noah.

Drawing Noah out of his very private and routine existence wasnít easy for Dexter, but the strong attraction he felt for Noah compelled him to continue pursuing him even though Noah kept pulling away.  As Dexter draws closer to Noah, secrets of the small town may end their romance before it begins and destroy Noah in the process.

Saving Noah is a sweet story that requires a tissue or two before itís done.  Noah is a beautifully sweet boy. He puts family and honor before anything else in his life. Dexter was too big city and fast moving for Noah and I found him to be a bit top slick at times, but I did believe that his feelings for Noah were genuine. Their relationship moves quickly emotionally, but with the strong connection I felt to Noah I wanted him to find happiness as soon as possible so I was okay with the fast pace. I donít agree with the way the town handled some serious issues in the story, except heart and lots of love was behind their actions. Saving Noah ended with some loose ends where I felt storylines were drop or forgotten, but on the whole Saving Noah was a moving story and enjoyable read.


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