Rules of Engagement by LA Witt

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Romance

ISBN: 978-1-61581-212-7

Reviewed by Cassie




After a bad marriage and an unpleasant divorce, Dustin Walker likes to keep his relationships short and shallow.  Then one night at a bar, he meets resident pool shark Brandon Stewart.  Although Dustinís never been attracted to men, he finds himself wanting Brandon.  They spend the night together, but to Dustinís surprise one night just isnít enough.  He likes Brandon, and wants him, but heís never thought of himself as gay, or bisexual.  Will Dustin figure things out, or lose any chance he had with Brandon?

Rules of Engagement is a hot, fast-paced story.  LA Witt does a good job showing Dustinís turmoil at finding out his sexuality might not be exactly what he always thought it was.  Dustin has a lot to deal with, including fallout from his horrid marriage, a controlling mother, and family members who donít approve of gays or bisexuals.  Nevertheless, I still grew impatient with him when he refused to make up his mind.  At a couple of points, he tests his sexuality in ways that made me want to slap him.  Realistic, but not wonderful in a romance.  Since Brandonís point of view is never shown, heís less developed, but he was more patient with Dustin than most men would have been, and heís willing to be there for Dustin.  While Rules of Engagement occasionally made me mad, it was an engaging read that shows another side of the coming-out story.


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