Revealed by Kate Noble



ISBN: 9780425221747

Reviewed by Niki Lee




Phillipa Benning is the belle of every ball and the (nearly) undisputed queen of the Season.  As a widow with means, she is able to do nearly anything she wants, including holding assignations with titled men.  When one of those rendezvous nets her more than just a kiss, that’s when her Season turns even brighter.  When Phillipa discovers the identity of the famous spy, the Blue Raven, she knows just what to do with the information.  Phillipa agrees to help the Raven with a mission that requires entrée into society and in exchange, she gets to reveal his identity at a ball at the close of the Season.  Phillipa’s involvement not only gets her closer to the Raven in ways she never imagined, it also brings her closer to danger.

The tone of Revealed is airy and light, as frothy as the top of a wedding cake.  Regardless of the events taking place, the author continues to write as though she’s describing a party, instead of a spy’s daring do.  This might go over well with some, but it mostly just distracted me from the story.  The Blue Raven is a wonderful character, but Phillipa is a lot to take, as she is seemingly spoiled and flighty.  Watching them find their true colors would have been great had I not disliked the writing style.  I am sure it would work for others; it just didn’t work for me.


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