Red's Wolf by Brigit Aine

Torrentís Talents, Book 1


Reviewed by Lee




Radine ďRedĒ Hood is taking a nostalgic walk to her grandmotherís house and chuckling over how like the fairy tale the jaunt seems to be.  She seems to be in a nostalgic mood and decided to walk instead of drive.  She definitely didnít count on meeting up with Sheriff Ethan Wolf on the jaunt or how her body seems to instantly react to him.  But will she do anything about the feelings as she has a life away from the little town of Torrent in the city, but is that life all she thought it would be.

Ethan Wolf knows that Red is his mate the moment he lays eyes on her, his wolf completely agrees with him and now he will have to just convince her of this fact.  And how would a long distance relationship work for a wolf?

Follow this updated version and see if Red gets her wolf or does the wolf win?  And will it matter in the end?

Redís Wolf is a fantastic dťbut story by Brigit Aine.  I love how she took the characters from a well known fairy tale and not only amped them up but kept some of the basics the same.  The similarities make me chuckle and the intimate scenes?  Well letís just say donít leave this story out for your kids to read.  I look forward to more stories from Ms. Aine and think that you will like Redís Wolf.


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