Red Shadow by Lynne Connolly

Ecstasy in Red, Book 3

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419924378

Reviewed by Jo




Johann Kozac is an agent with STORM. He’s also a vampire but he hasn’tcome out to the public as many Talents have.  Right now, he and the rest of his team are trying to meet an informant at a party, who supposedly has information about a doctor they’re hunting for.  Johann was only supposed to be backup for this meet until the agent who was supposed to be in the lead sees someone at the party who knows him, now Johann has to be the lead for this meet.  Instead of finding the informant, Johann has uncovered a very different type of operation going on at the party.

Ania Zelinski is part owner to the company providing the wait staff for the hotel party.  After being away from the business for personal reasons, Ania thinks she has discovered something rotten within her business and has gone undercover with her own staff to find the true facts.  What Ania discovers is things are worse than even she had thought. Ania’s cover is broken after an incident brings her to the attention of a dark haired man who had already attracted her attention. 

The original meeting between Ania and Johann turns steamy in a hurry, only to go stone cold as Ania learns about Johann and is guided by her own impressions.  Besides, she has enough to worry about right now without adding a social life to things.  Johann wants to track Ania down and find out what happened, but due to his obligations to STORM, he leaves it alone for a few days.  Ania and Johann come back together with just as much passion as explainations clear away all misunderstandings.  A happy ending might not be on the horizon because there is danger that threatens both of them.  Johann believes it’s because of his job until actions show otherwise.  For Ania and Johann to get their happy ever after, a certain doctor is going to have to go down – no matter what it takes.

What happens when a vampire falls for a woman who believes only the worse about them?  In Red Shadow Johann needs to find out what gave Ania such a bad impression of his species.  Ania thinks very little of vampires based on what she knows of them.  Sparks of all types appear immediately when Ania and Johann meet.  I loved watching as they worked to discover not only what was between them, but to correct misunderstandings and get rid of the danger that threatened any type of future.  The ending was perfect with Ania and a very protective Johann, one I wouldn’t have guessed how it would happen.  Once again, Ms. Connolly has delivered a wonderful Talent love story.  Red Shadow combines eroticism with danger, and then sprinkles on the love and humor to make this a paranormal keeper.


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