Reckless Passion by Amanda Young

Reckless Series, Book 3

Loose Id

Erotic Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60737-461-9

Reviewed by Cassie




Businessman Beau Bradbury has plenty of money and no trouble attracting men, but lately heís only been interested in his personal assistant, younger man Adam Winger.  When they end up having sex, Beauís determined to keep their affair casual.  Unfortunately, he canít seem to get enough of the man.  One evening at a business function, Adam gets a phone call about some guy and runs off, leaving Beau shocked by his own jealousy.  Will Beau figure out whatís going on before he lets his jealousy ruin everything?

Reckless Passion is a quick read thatís both hot and sweet.  Beau is wealthy and used to getting what he wants, and itís a pleasure to watch him deal with a situation that he canít handle in his usual manner.  Despite his sometimes overbearing ways, I liked Beau a lot and wanted him to get his happy ending.  Adam is capable at work, but often unsure and insecure outside of it.  He canít believe Beau would really want him, when Beau has his pick of men.  Fortunately, Beau is willing to fight for what he wants.  I enjoyed reading Beau and Adamís somewhat rocky road to love.  Fans of business/pleasure relationships will be sure to enjoy Reckless Passion, as I did.


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