Ready to Take a Chance Again by Rita Oberlies

The Wild Rose – Champagne Rose


ISBN: 1-60154-431-6

Reviewed by Jo




Grace Winston is headed back home for a family party after leaving years ago.  Grace misses being in her home state, but she had a good reason for picking up her life and moving.  Grace has a great job and a pretty good social life, however, she is missing that one special ingredient – someone to love who loves her just as much.  Grace thought she had found him, but her heart was shattered one night in a hotel room, and now Grace believes she is ready to start over again.  Beginning with facing the man of her dreams and her nightmares.

Jake Magee is Grace’s brother’s best friend.  He has been part of the family since both boys were young.  Jake watched Grace grow up and was surprised when she suddenly became more then a little sister to him.  Jake knew  his future was uncertain when he joined the military instead of being the dream man Grace wanted, his actions that night hurt her instead. Now out of the military and ready to take the next step in his life, Jake has discovered Grace is really all he wants.

Grace has no reason to trust Jake since he destroyed even their friendship that night.  Now discovering how badly he hurt the woman he loves, Jake has to figure out how to get not only Grace’s trust back but her love as well.  Grace has started her life over, now she has to decide if Jake is the one she wants in her future or should he stay firmly in the past?

Sometimes you can get a second chance at love, but can you ever regain trust once it’s lost?  Ready to Take a Chance Again portrays the rocky road in earning back lost trust and love.  Grace shot for the moon and ended up having a crash landing that destroyed both love and trust .  Jake thought he was doing the right thing when he acted, but only now is it becoming clear just what he lost and what he is determined to earn back.  I could feel the pain on both sides when Grace and Jake came back together and for a long while I wasn’t sure if they would regain the trust and love they had lost.  Ms. Oberlies has written a romantic story about love thrown away and the fight to regain it.  While watching Jake and Grace find a way to their future, it became clear to me how hard it is to regain the type of trust necessary for a strong and lasting love.  Ready to Take a Chance Again is a love story that will hurt your heart while also warming it.


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