Primal Encounter by Rebecca Airies

Primal Attraction, Book 3

Ellora's Cave

Futuristic Fantasy

ISBN: 9781419921865

Reviewed by Lisa




As one of the Zarain, Dari Reshal has already known heartache and tragedy.  The shifter people seem to be constantly targeted by others for various reasons.  On a visit to a local market Dari is kidnapped and finds herself on another world, then dumped into an arena with other trapped Zarain.

Dari realizes very quickly that her mate is among the captured Shadatai Zarain.  It’s easy for Dari to admit to being strong willed; she had to be to survive so it’s kind of ironic that she would end up mated to a dominant shifter herself.

Rygar Verasain and his men have no intention of fighting in the arena for the pleasure of the crowd.  He is confident that his brother, Logan will soon be there to rescue them.  For years Rygar has traveled the worlds in search of his mate and now fate dumps her at his feet.  There is definitely going to be a learning curve for Dari and Rygar.  Their mating is exquisite, but their attitudes towards each other will take some getting used to.  Let the fireworks begin.

Primal Encounter focuses on a couple who could have coined the phrase ‘opposites attract’. Blazing sexuality one minute followed by banging heads the next. A childhood tragedy for Dari and a twin’s heartache for Rygar have shaped these characters into an explosive pair.  There are several strong secondary characters that are left hanging in this tale so I’m hoping they will star in their own stories in the future.  Primal Encounter has two very strong willed main characters who heat up the pages with white hot passion.  Keep a fire extinguisher handy.


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