Pocket Pair by Carol Lynne

Poker Night Series, Book 3


M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-907010-76-7

Reviewed by Ley




For a long time Trey Huggins has harbored a secret crush on Cole Harding, the principal of the school where he teaches. Trey felt that even if he confessed his feelings to Cole, and if by some small miracle of grace Cole was gay also, why on earth would he be interested in someone like him?


To fill some of the loneliness, Trey agreed to meet a man he met online. That decision proved tragic and left Trey physically and emotionally scarred, and more withdrawn than ever.  With an investigation and trial looming Trey’s friends rally around him, but surprisingly he finds the most comfort from the one man he thought didn’t even know he existed.


Cole has been in the closet for most of his life. He worked hard to keep his private and professional life separate, but he can no longer deny that his feelings for Trey were not just professional. Cole knows Trey needs him through this tough time, and choosing between Trey and his career during Trey’s very public trial is harder than he expected, but losing Trey just isn’t an option.


Book three of the Poker Night series was very good. Trey is an absolute sweetheart and what happened to him was heartbreaking. The only shiny light was that it led Cole to him.  I was not pleased with Cole throughout the entire book, I felt he could have been stronger for Trey, but I did understand it was hard for him. The progression of their relationship was very loving and I liked the way Cole was patient with Trey and vice versa. The other entertaining part of this book was getting the sneak peak at the upcoming installment of this series. Pocket Pair was an enjoyable story, and for followers of the series, I do suggest reading the series in published order.


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