Out of Eden by Beth Ciotta


Sensual Contemporary

ISBN: 978-0373774432

Reviewed by Nannette




Kylie McGraw is about to shake up her small, quaint, and utterly boring hometown of Eden, Indiana, in her quest for excitement. Jack Reynolds is Edenís new Chief of Police. Heís also her brother Spencerís best friend, and the man Kylie has had a crush on since she was twelve years old. Kylie is determined to make changes in herself and her familyís shoe store, and Jack is determined to keep her on the straight and narrow. In the process, Jack sees Kylie for the woman sheís become instead of the little girl she was. While Kylie and Jack see where their attraction takes them, trouble is brewing in Eden. And this time, Kylie is not responsible.

A cast of colorful characters surrounds lovely and sassy Kylie McGraw in Out of Eden. By his own admission, Jack likes to play the white knight, riding in and rescuing the damsel in distress. Kylie is capable and strong, but she needs a little saving too. Instead of the boy who cries wolf, Kylie is the girl who cries excitement! She gets herself into one amusing mess after another, seeking to shake up herself and Eden. Kylieís brother Spencer, her best friend Faye, her unlikely champion in Travis, and a town filled with gossipy, nosy, well-meaning citizens make every page of Out of Eden fun and exciting. Jack is an all-around great guy and Out of Eden is an all-around great story with some sizzling sex, a bit of action, and a mystery or two to solve.


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