Our Sacred Balance by Marguerite Labbe

Triquetra Trilogy, Book 3

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-935192-75-6

Reviewed by Cassie




Now a human, Kristair is back with his lover, recently drafted pro football player Jacob.  Everything should be perfect—but it isn’t.  Kristair is still adjusting to the change from ancient vampire to human, and he’s having nightmares of burning in the sun.  Jacob wants to help him but isn’t sure how to.  Then Ghedi Ussier, the city’s vampire boss, comes to seek Kristair’s help on a series of horrific murders of vampires.  Worse, the murders seem to have a connection to Kristair.  Just like that, Kristair and Jacob are pulled back into the paranormal world Jacob hoped they were done with forever.  Can they discover who’s killing vampires before they become victims as well?

Our Sacred Balance completes the Triquetra TrilogyReaders new to the series should NOT start with Our Sacred Balance.  I don’t think it would stand alone very well.  The first two books, My Heart is Within You and Haunted by Your Soul contain vital story information and relationship development that is necessary to understand this book.

That said, Our Sacred Balance is an action-packed and mostly satisfying conclusion to an intriguing series.  Jacob is understandably ready to leave the paranormal world behind him.  He has all he’s ever wanted—his lover, Kristair, back with him as a human rather than a vampire, a professional football career that will be starting very soon, and a great car.  He’s uneasy with Kristair’s difficulties in adjusting, and he’s angry when vampire Ghedi Ussier asks Kristair for help.  He loves Kristair enough to understand that his lover needs to help his former allies, however, so he agrees to help as well.  Kristair is happy because he has Jacob, his adopted daughter Kayla is happy, and he’s slowly becoming accustomed to being human.  His only problems are slight difficulties adjusting to his new life.  Unfortunately, Kristair’s old life won’t let him go.

From the moment Kristair and Jacob agree to help Ghedi and the other vampires, the action rarely lets up.  They soon discover that the situation is a lot more complicated, and horrible, than they could ever have dreamed.  Twists and turns abound, including a few that were quite surprising to me.  As in the other books, there is violence and some blood, gore, and very unpleasant scenes, so sensitive readers beware.  The scenes between Jacob and Kristair, when they can find the time to be alone and they aren’t in danger, are both hot and loving.  I like the dynamic between them, and their complete trust in each other.  What stopped me from wholeheartedly loving this book was the final act, which I found a bit weak.  Things worked out a bit too perfectly for everyone, and while I didn’t expect Jacob and Kristair to be completely normal after all they’d been through, a few abilities and outcomes had a bit of a deus ex machina feel to them.  Still, Our Sacred Balance is an enjoyable, suspenseful read.  I recommend the Triquetra Trilogy to fans of vampire stories that are a bit different from the norm.


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