Obsession by Sharon Cullen

Love on the Edge, Book 1

Samhain Publishing

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-60504-537-5

Reviewed by Gianna




A year ago Officer Alex Juran and his wife Tess had a good foundation for a happy life together. They had love, a good marriage and a baby on the way. In the space of a moment everything was lost when Tess miscarried and divorce seemed to be their only option. Two days before the divorce is set to become final, Alex is almost killed in the line of duty. Tess cancels the divorce and offers to help Alex while he recuperates from his injuries. Their problems multiply when Alex discovers that he cannot remember who shot him and it seems that the killer has decided to come after Tess as well. When Alex learns that Tess cancelled the divorce proceedings he becomes determined not only to protect his wife, but to win her back.

Obsession was completely refreshing to me. Alex and Tess seem on the brink of losing the greatest happiness that either has ever known. Tess has a booming business and seems to have finally moved on with her life when she is reminded that things can always get worse. Alex is almost killed and she realizes how much she still loves him. Her life is put on hold until he can get better and they move in together while he recuperates. His lack of memory from the incident makes it difficult to know who is now stalking Tess. The shooter is revealed in the beginning and throughout the story it seems to reinforce that it is the same person. I found myself scared for both of them, but I never saw the twist coming at the end of the book. Obsession is definitely a must-read.


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