Night Moves by Desiree Holt

The Sentinels, Book 2


Shape shifter/Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-907010-33-0

Reviewed by Tanya




Reganís workaholic life as a wildly successful lawyer seems to be in jeopardy, or so it seems as she realizes she is being stalked.  When a close friend recommends a secretive security firm named The Sentinels, for not only protection but to help her figure out whom her stalker is, she reluctantly calls them. 

She definitely was not prepared to meet Brian Spencer, or her bodyís reaction to him.  But when he takes her stalking very serious she decides that just maybe things could get a little fun.  She isnít shocked that they are quickly checking out all available flat surfaces in less than a day but is a bit stunned to find out he is a shape-shifter.

Will any of this matter as Reganís stalker seems to be taking things to a more dangerous level.

What more could a woman want than an alpha male who canít seem to get enough of you who is also going to protect you from a stalker?  This is the basis behind Night Moves. Oh, and add in that he is actually a shape-shifter and you have one fast paced and sizzling story.  I enjoyed Night Moves and think any fan of the shape-shifter genre will also.  I loved how Ms. Holt was also able to make Regan a dedicated professional who wonít need Brian to survive; it will just make it much more interesting.


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