Nevermore by Brenna Lyons

Raven Series


Paranormal, Shape-shifter

ISBN: 978-1-60659-512-1

Reviewed by Patrice F.




A mistress witch is distraught (and furious) when her powers fail to keep out the man who betrayed her.  Her erstwhile lover is a werewolf, perhaps with plans to murder her to keep his horrible secret.  The worst betrayal of all is how he tugs at her heartstrings.

What the feisty magic wielder doesn’t know is the werewolf is keeping a big secret.    She is his mate and no weapon she throws at him can harm him—and vice versa.

There is nothing better than a tightly written paranormal tale loaded with fantasy goodness and torrid romance.  Nevermore captures the ironic tone of Poe’s raven, complete with two characters so likeable they’re almost human.  The tension is tighter than a guitar wire.  The romance is brought to boil by sex so hot it would be put a flame thrower out of commission.  Well, what did I expect?  This is Ms. Lyon’s specialty; an inventive narrative with an engaging solid plot from start to finish.  Charismatic, complex protagonists dueling it out until they can find a place to consummate their wicked obsession is at the top of the menu.  Her writing skills are the perfect vehicle for execution and delivery.  Always.

This 23 page turner might be small on the word count but it’s mighty on surprises and content.  That’s what I’ve come to expect whenever reading anything by Brenna Lyons.  I’m pleased to say she always delivers and that her writing just keeps on getting better with time, each time I read.


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