Naked in Paradise by Tianna Xander

Paradise Series

eXtasy Books


ISBN: 978-1-55487-422-4

Reviewed by Tanya




Angel is not having a good day.  She was kidnapped and held captive and was to be sacrificed but she has managed to get away.  But no one said running through the woods naked would be fun or easy.  When she can go no further she finally collapses.  What she didnít count on was being rescued by the two huge men.

Mace and Derek never expect that the delectable woman they find is actually their mate.  They are further surprised when they listen to what she is thinking, yikes.

But since the three of them are mates will they be able to learn about each other before the mating heat takes over and takes their choices away?

Naked in Paradise is a fun addition to the Paradise Series, in the aspect that Angel is not flattering in her thoughts of the men, at first.  I found I had to laugh a little at that.  But the entire story is not fun since Angel was meant to be the latest sacrifice on Samhain, and was lucky to escape.  I thoroughly enjoyed this latest installment in the series and think if you have followed Ms. Xanderís work you will enjoy Naked in Paradise.  If you are not familiar with her work then pick up Naked in Paradise and give it a whirl, you wonít be disappointed.


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