Mind F*cked by Mia Watts

Faerily Imperfect Series, Book 1

Resplendence Publishing

Paranormal M/M

Reviewed by Shayna




Half-breed faery Sage Harper has a fairly (or faerily) imperfect gift.  He can see inside a personís mind, but only during moments of elevated tension.  And to top it off, the faeries gifted (or cursed) him with looks most people cannot resist.  Nearly every person Sage comes across desires him, which is why Joe Glassman comes as a surprise.  The ordinary-looking mortal seems not to want Sage in the slightest, which would be a blessing if Sage didnít lust after him.  To add to his problems, Sage canít seem to stop blurting out his thoughts when heís near Joe, which makes working with the man even more difficult.

Joe isnít used to someone so handsome pursuing him and heís not sure Sage is on-the-level.  The guy seems a bit off, claiming he can read minds, and added to that Sage is extremely narcissistic, always talking about his own good looks.  Still, thereís something about Sage that draws Joe to him.  As the two work together to secure the only Zodiac Stones that havenít yet been stolen, sexual tension escalates to unbearable levels.  Giving into their desires seems inevitable, but Sage is going to have to put in some serious overtime to win Joeís closely-guarded heart.

Mind F*cked is a seriously fun fractured fairytale unlike anything Iíve read before.  Mia Watts puts a fresh spin on faery gifts and curses with the Harper siblings.  Sage is a delightful character and I admit I both laughed and felt bad for him in regards to his dilemma.  Heís stunningly gorgeous, no doubt about it.  Yet heís not vain, though his inability to keep his thoughts to himself around Joe combined with his confusion at the other manís rejection of him makes Sage come across as such.  Sageís ďaverage JoeĒ hero is a fitting match for him, in that heís ordinary, intelligent, and calm; perfect for a half-breed faery with odd gifts.  The sexual tension ratchets up at lightning speed in Mind F*cked, making the book all the more compelling.  Because I adored the heroes I wanted them to not only give into their lust for one another, but find love with each other as well.  Ms. Watts balanced desire and tenderness perfectly and I finished Mind F*cked a well-satisfied reader.

Mind F*cked is the first story in the Faerily Imperfect series and I cannot wait to read about Sageís brother and sisters.  Ms. Watts has started off what is sure to be an enchanting series with a bang and I am on the edge of my seat, waiting to read what happens next.


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