Men on Fire by Susan Lyons, Rachelle Chase & Jodi Lynn Copeland



ISBN: 978-0758238016

Reviewed by Tanya




“Too Hot to Handle” by Susan Lyons

Jade Rousseau is a woman in a man’s world at work.  No matter how hard she works it seems that she is penalized for not also having a family life.  So when it comes to pass that she will need a fiancé to be able to move ahead her friends set out to help her.  At the local benefit auction Jade is going to bid on yet another boring accountant but her friends interfere and she winds up with Quinn O’Malley, who, as a red-hot firefighter, is the furthest thing from an accountant than you can get.

“Too Hot to Handle” was a fun and very fast-paced erotic offering by Susan Lyons.  I loved how Quinn was portrayed to go for what he wanted and to show Jade what she was missing.  As usual, you ask for a strong story and get one from Ms. Lyons.


“The Firefighter Wears Prada” by Rachelle Chase

Fashion designer Delta Ballantyne needs a firefighter to model her sexy line of men’s underwear.  What she doesn’t count on is firefighter Evan Marshall and all the fantasies that run through her mind when she sees him.  Evan, on the other hand, can’t wrap his mind around Delta’s designer clothing, as he sees it as a huge waste of money, due to an ex-wife.  Will Delta and Evan be able to overcome their own hang ups and set the sheets on fire?

Rachelle Chase has taken an interesting look at not only the fashion industry with “The Firefighter Wears Prada,” but also the everyday blue collar worker and their perceptions of the fashion industry.  I was intrigued with this story though I did feel like it as a bit rushed.  I felt it would have done better as a longer, standalone story.


“Playing With Fire” by Jodi Lynn Copeland

Since Erica’s ex-husband, a firefighter, left her, she has vowed to never date a firefighter again.  But she is more than willing to make the exception to the rule with her husband’s former best buddy Lincoln.  While Lincoln is a notorious ladies’ man, he has been therefore her at every turn.  She has also helped him through a recent injury and will do anything for him to realize what is right in front of him. 

While all the stories were good in Men on Fire I have to say that “Playing with Fire” had my heart from the beginning.  I loved how Erica learns to decide “is it the man” or “the job” that she loves. And can Lincoln let himself care, or will he forever be stuck in the past?  I thoroughly loved “Playing with Fire” and look for more from Ms. Copeland soon.

If you like spicy romances, with red hot firemen, than Men on Fire is an anthology you will need to pick up.  While each story is written with a different plotline and writing style, they do pull together nicely to make a solid anthology.  Men on Fire is a fast read with sexy firemen who know how to put out more than one fire.


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