Manís Best Friends by PA Brown

MLR Press

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60820-074-0

Reviewed by Cassie




Todd Richards loves his Dobermans, so when one of them is injured when his normal vet is closed, he goes to Dr. Keith Andersonís clinic instead.  Dr. Keith is kind, very attractive, and, as Todd discovers when the man asks him out for a drink, gay.  Soon Todd and Keith are involved, and everything is wonderful between them.  Will a tragedy destroy what theyíve been building together?

Manís Best Friends is a rather uneven novel.  I liked Todd, the first person narrator.  He loves his dogs and his job, and heís loyal and giving to a fault.  Keith seemed almost too good to be true at first.  The sweet, sexy doctor seemed to fall for Todd right away, just as Todd fell for him.  They were in love right away.  The tragedy that pulled them apart was realistic and sad, but their reunion struck me as a bit too quick.  The second part of the novel felt almost like a whole other story, picking up quite a bit later in the storyline.  I wasnít sure where PA Brown was going with it until another tragedy, this one a lot more action-packed, struck.  While I liked Manís Best Friends well enough, it wasnít as engaging or emotional as Ms. Brownís mystery books.


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