Make Mine Midnight by Annmarie McKenna

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-853-6

Reviewed by Jo




Claire Crater is at a rocking New Year’s Eve party but is she celebrating? No, once again she’s sitting against a wall writing in her notebook.  Claire is an erotic writer and her characters seriously have a richer love life than Claire ever has.  While searching for her next hero, Claire focuses on a man who is gorgeous and seems slightly familiar.  No, she would remember if she had ever known anyone who looked like him.  Mason Ledbetter along with his best friend, Hunter Morris, went to high school with Claire.  They were the typical class nerds and never had the guts to ask her out even though they wanted to.  While she still looks the same, they have changed--for the better.  Tonight, both Mason and Hunter plan on fulfilling a long-time dream to have Claire between them – not only tonight but forever.  After a night of fireworks, reactions make the two decide to give up Claire.  Too bad they didn’t ask her first because she has other ideas.

What happens when the high school nerds grow up hot and sexy?  Make Mine Midnight gives Mason and Hunter their fantasy – a grown up Claire in their bed.  Claire is an erotic writer who lives in the worlds she makes up.  Mason and Hunter are best friends with one common goal and are ready to achieve it.  From the minute Claire re-meets Mason and Hunter at the party, sparks are flying and just get hotter as the night goes on.  I was ready to give Claire a high five when she turned the tables on both of her men to show only they matter in any type of relationship.  Make Mine Midnight is one erotic and hot meeting between old high school classmates – one that is an instant favorite in my erotic library.


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