Lucky Break by Carly Phillips

Lucky, Book 3


Sensual Contemporary

ISBN: 978-0-373-77401-2

Reviewed by Nannette




When Jason Corwin and Lauren Perkins were teenagers, their secret love affair ended in heartbreak. The Perkins and Corwins have been enemies for a very long time, since a witch from the Perkins family placed a curse in revenge against her broken heart on the Corwins family. Years later, Lauren is back home attempting to sell her grandmotherís house when she bumps into Jason at a town festival. While things seem to pick up where they left off between Jason and Lauren, Lauren is determined to keep her distance. Lauren doesnít want to get hurt again and her dream of becoming a fashion designer is taking her to Paris anyway. Jason knows all about broken dreams. He doesnít want to stand in the way of Laurenís, but he doesnít want to lose her either. When things start going mysteriously wrong for Lauren, Jason may have to protect her then let her go.

Lauren and Jason are almost doomed from the start in Lucky Break. Hidden treasure, an unstable sister, a curse, and family members who believe more in that curse than in each other conspire against them at every turn. I like that there are very few pretenses between Lauren and Jason. It lends to a more meaningful relationship between them. Jason and Lauren seem made for each other. Ití a shame they lost all of that time together. They do a good job making up for it though, with a tender romance laced with sizzling hot sex. The curse destroys many lives, but by book three of the Lucky Series, it seems everyone gets their happily ever after. I felt badly for Lauren as she struggled with the weight on her shoulders and I loved watching Jason help bear her burdens. Lucky Break is the perfect ending to this delightful trilogy.


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