Love With a Younger Man by Candy Caine

Lady Leo Publishing

Blush Line/Erotica/Interracial/Short Story

Reviewed by Nellie




Promoted, Amber planned an impromptu celebratory dinner with her significant other; but was sorely disappointed when she got dumped for business. But, that little episode was not going to dampen her mood so she went hunting for a distraction. She found it in the form of Richard Harrington, a white boy ten years her junior, hot as hell and ready to rumble. Despite the odds against their relationship, Richard Harrington was determined to convince Amber that theirs was a match made in heaven and would survive against all odds. At the brink of totally falling for Richard, Amber breaks off the relationship first before the blast from her past reaches him and soils his perception of her.

Reading Love With A Younger Man was like watching a good game of chess because there was a certain strategy and precision of execution of the events occurring. I was a bit disappointed towards the end because of an event which was building up to be a big blow out, but fizzled out and the matter was resolved prudently. The story was a nice escape into the realm of fantasy. Well done.


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