Love the One Youíre With by Emily Griffin

St. Martinís


ISBN: 9780312348663

Reviewed by Niki Lee




Ellen Dempsey runs into her ex, Leo, on the streets of downtown New York and it throws her into a tizzy.  She is happily married, or so she thought until seeing her former flame again.  His appearance makes her question her marriage, her love, and her life.

Andy, a good man, who treats Ellen well, is not just her husband, but her best friendís brother.  When Ellen starts questioning things about her marriage, she turns to her best friend, Margot.  The family loves her, but the pull of her ex just keeps tugging on her.  Ellen tries to talk to  Margot, but gets no sympathy.  Instead, she has to struggle through her feelings and decide if she made the right decision when she let Leo go.

The entire story is about Ellenís struggle and itís hard to read a book about what should be a simple decision for a happily married woman.  When her indecision begins to affect her marriage, thereís not a lot of sympathy for her since she is doing this to herself.  While many women will recognize themselves in the over-thinking and constant questioning Ellen goes through, it will likely annoy many others.  If you enjoy reading about the problems many women experience at one point or another, this may be a good book for you



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