Love Means…No Shame by Andrew Grey

Love Means…

Dreamspinner Press

Erotic Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-61581-058-1

Reviewed by Cassie




After his father’s death, Geoff Laughton returns to the farm he grew up on.  After learning his father left him the place, he decides to move back home.  He tries to get his life back to some kind of normal.  Then one morning he finds a young Amish man sleeping in his barn, and everything changes.

Love Means…No Shame is a sweet tale of finding love in unexpected places, and having the courage to hold onto it no matter what.  Geoff is a kind and generous person.  He cares about his family and friends, and always tries to do the right thing.  That tendency leads him to help out Elijah, the young Amish man, by offering him a job.  It also leads him to try to fight his feelings for Elijah, thinking it’s in the young man’s best interest.  Elijah was a bit harder for me to get a handle on.  He seemed a bit more worldly than I would expect an Amish man to be, but he had an innocence about him as well.  I would have liked to see some of the story from his point of view, as the transition from traditional Amish to living in the outside world would be fascinating to read about.  The conflict between Elijah’s religious upbringing and his and Geoff’s love causes some problems for them, as does a meddling relative of Geoff’s.  There’s a lot of emotion and angst before it’s all said and done, but I have to say I enjoyed that.  Love Means…No Shame may not be the most realistic story out there, but it’s dramatic and emotional, and there are days when that’s just what I’m looking for.


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