Love is Scary by Cheryl Dragon

Pink Petal Books

Gay Contemporary

Reviewed by Cassie




Not happy with his job in advertising, Ryan Elliot is planning a new, riskier business ventureóa haunted house that leads into a nightclub.  To make his new club the best in can be, he enlists the aid of carpenter and haunted attraction designer Wes Taylor.  He doesnít expect the sudden, intense attraction he feels for Wes.

Wes Taylor isnít into relationships.  He prefers casual sex and no complications.  His desire for Ryan catches him a bit off guard, but heís willing to go with it, as long as Ryan understands the rules.

Will two men whoíve been spooked by love in the past find it again while working on a haunted house?

Love is Scary has a fun premise.  I loved the idea of a haunted house / club combo.  Ryan and Wes were both fairly sympathetic characters.  Ryanís taking a huge risk, and trying to juggle what amounts to two jobs.  Wes loves his job, and knows hitting on Ryan is not the best idea, but canít resist.  The problem with the story is that both Ryan and Wes tended to be wishy-washy in my opinion.  Neither of them is consistent in what they want.  I felt distanced from the story for some reason, and couldnít connect with the emotional aspect as much as I wanted to.  Love is Scary is a hot read with a cool premise, but not as emotionally engaging as I could have hoped.


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