Lone Star Trouble by Autumn Piper

Lyrical Press


ISBN: 978-1-61650-083-2

Reviewed by Tanya




Kiersten is not going to let some low down chauvinistic Texan take away her heritage no matter what it might cost her.  She has given up her job and modern conveniences to be able to keep her family land.  Too bad the gorgeous foreman, Cleve, next door is associated with the Howell family.

Cleve is stunned to meet the beauty next door.  He is also stunned to find out the tactics that his father and his fatherís cohorts have taken to try and get the land that Kiersten owns.  So when she mistakes him for a foreman and not a Howell he lets it go.  But after at least one intimate encounter he knows he should have come clean.  Now it might be too late for him to finally have something of his own.

Suddenly, Kierstenís tough fight is tougher now that she might be pregnant, danger appears to be closing in and she no longer knows who she can trust.  I mean she has fallen in love with one of the despicable Howellís after all.

I found Lone Star Trouble a fun and fast paced Cowboy romance story, or is that Cowgirl romance?  I love how Ms. Piper is able to show how some antiquated beliefs are still forced on others.  I think the stage was set for a great western story with the background that Ms. Piper set in place.  In fact, I hope to see many more stories from her.  I think that Lone Star Trouble is a great read and that you too will enjoy it.


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