Licorice Whips by Sean Michael

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-701-5

Reviewed by Lisa




Lovers Denny and Cain have a solid relationship, satisfying jobs, and a wickedly fun sex life which includes candy for the lover with the sweet tooth.  Denny and Cain also have a ritual of body and face shaving they indulge in prior to lovemaking.  Itís kinda kinky, but definitely fun times.

At last Cain is getting the recognition he deserves for the comics he writes.  Heís booked for a month long tour to promote his work and sign autographs.  A month is a long time for Cain to be away from Denny, but heíll manage.  At least Will, his agent, will be there to help him deal with everything.

But as the days pass, Will pressures Cain into seeing him as a prospective lover and partner.  Cain doesnít handle Willís overtures well and becomes more withdrawn which Denny can hear during their daily phone call.  Cain loves Denny dearly and Will doesnít seem to take a hint.  The stress is really taking itsí toll on Cain, he feels as though heís at the breaking point.  Cain isnít sure heís going to last another week, let alone another day.  What he wouldnít do to have Denny at his side right now.

Thoughts of steam and shaving cream, as well as candy have a whole new meaning in the sexy tale Licorice Whips.  There are lots of explicit carnal moments between Denny and Cain in Licorice Whips, yet it is the emotional aspect, their relationship that matters here.  Their love for each other is the true heart of Licorice Whips.  One little, tiny thing though, there are several typos that need to be dealt with.


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